Baroness Thatcher 1925-2013. A leader for now?

A torrent of comment and tribute has been unleashed by news of Mrs Thatcher’s death. A veritable rogues gallery of 1980s Tory politicians have been wheeled out to express their views of her – one or two of whom – such as John Redwood, are incredibly still sitting in the House of Commons.


Derek Coles, CEO, Direct Group - Insurance Times interview

In March 2013, our client, Derek Coles, CEO of Direct Group, was the subject of an in depth profile interview with Insurance Times talking about the growth potential of this fast developing insurance services company.

Late 2012 saw a significant investment in Direct Group from the new v...

The tide is turning in broker/insurer relationships

I’ve been struck by the recent turnaround in the broker/insurer relationship in UK general insurance.

Aviva has ceased trading with both Broker Network and Willis Networks while both RSA and AXA have made it clear they are prepared to get tough with brokers who demand too much commissio...

Barclays – more own goals from the bank we love to hate

Barclays committed two reputational faux pas last week, one of which was widely reported in the media, the other less so.

Bankers’ pay and bonuses are classic newspaper fodder. Twenty years ago, no journalist would have dreamed of writing a story that focused solely on the pay of a seni...