ACSO responds to MoJ Consultation on medical reporting for minor injury claims

Commenting on the MoJ’s announcement that it is to hold a four-week consultation on the future provision of medical reports for minor RTA injuries,  Matthew Maxwell Scott, executive director of ACSO (Association of Consumer Support Organisations), said: 

“The government was righ...

Trak Global responds to EU directives on road safety

Andrew Brown-Allan, Group Marketing Director of Trak Global Group (TGG), the UK’s biggest telematics technology business, said: 

“Trak Global Group welcomes the EU’s call for the mandating of in-car safety technologies, such as speed limiters – any technology that exists to reduc...

Launch of new trade association for claimants and their customers

Leading claims firms back new trade association to detox the compensation culture 


A new Trade association has been formed to represent business that look after customers in the civil justice system, when they make a claim for insurance, injury, n...

GovGrant urges Chancellor not to go ‘down under’ for innovation and R&D tax policy ideas

Australian government proposals to restrict tax incentives for R&D and innovation have been delayed following an outcry from business and research groups. 

The proposals, intended to save £1.2bn, capped cash refunds for research activities at $4m, introduced a new ‘intensity test...