News – June 2015

Derek Coles, CEO of Ryan Direct Group, interviewed in Post Magazine

Certus client Derek Coles was interviewed by Callum Brodie for Post Magazine's 23 June edition:

Derek Coles: Out of the shadows

Ryan Direct Group CEO Derek Coles is ready to come out from under the radar at a company that has grown from 45 people to 475 un...

Innovation Group: the Eagle has landed!

Tech Market View

John O'Brien, 09:06, 17 June 2015


The Eagle has finally landed. Th...

Insurer Roundheads and Broking Cavaliers

Three blokes – a journalist, a CEO and a PR - were having a beer in the pub. The journalist bemoaned the increasingly difficulty he was having in getting insurance company CEOs to engage with the media beyond set pieces such as results, trading updates or formal interviews. One or two, such as Ax...