Peter Hubbard, CEO of UK General - Yorkshire Post interview

Certus arranged for UK General CEO Peter Hubbard to be profiled in the North's leading newspaper the Yorkshire Post.

Privately-owned UK General is UK's second biggest MGA with a strong schemes and commercial portfolio. The business also owns an agricultural insurer, Harrogate-based Rural, and a specialist compliance agency, UKGI.

In the interview, Peter discusses the strength of the local Leeds business community, his preference for organic growth and his belief that Leeds and the North East offer great opportunities for UK General's future development.

"Peter Hubbard is nurturing a fast growing insurance empire. He met Deputy Business Editor Greg Wright.

MOST gardeners’ work is only admired by their nearest and dearest.

Peter Hubbard’s garden in the Cotswolds recently secured a following worthy of a minor boy band.

Altogether, a staggering 538 people visited Mr Hubbard’s garden in the space of four hours. The chink of tea cups must have been deafening. He opened it to the public as part of a project organised by the National Gardens Scheme, which shows off private gardens that deserve a wider audience.

In his latest role, as chief executive of Leeds-based UK General Insurance, he’s involved in a very different kind of nurturing. He’s a “leader of change” who is restructuring and bolstering a business which is keeping Britain’s horse lovers happy. In insurance, fortune, it seems, favours specialists who stay market-focused. His love of gardening provides a clue about what makes him tick."

For the full interview go to the Yorkshire Post.