News – February 2015

Future Now report - Innovation Property UK

Certus client The Innovation Group has launched a new report exploring the impact of technology on the home. Millions of UK homeowners are set to benefit from lower premiums as technology shakes us the market and consigns tradtional loss adjusting (at least in volume claims) to history.


Why the long arm of the law is failing to tackle motor insurance fraud

The National Fraud Authority estimated insurance fraud at £2.1 billion in 2012. It breaks down into £1.7 billion in hidden fraud loss, £392 million in organised ‘crash for cash’ fraud, and £39 million in identified insurance fraud (where claims are paid before they have been identified as fraudul...

UK General Group CEO on disruptive distribution

This opinion from Peter Hubbard appears in the February 11 edition of Post Magazine

“Look out, he’s behind you!” I enjoy the Christmas Pantomime as much as anyone, but this classic panto line could well be applied to a host of new entrants creeping into the UK personal lines market.