Appy Fleet from Trak Global Group set to revolutionise how the world's businesses manage driver safety

  • Free to install app will cut business driving costs and reduce insurance premiums
  • ‘Appy Fleet’ endorsed by RoadSafe: will reduce RTAs involving vehicles driven for work
  • App extended to all business drivers after the same technology reduced accidents by 42% in the young driver market
  • CEO Corrie: “We want to be to business driving what Uber has been to how we book a taxi.”

Trak Global Group, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK, is launching a free app – Appy Fleet - for vehicle fleets and business drivers around the globe. Drivers can download the app in seconds and use all the road safety features for free, while managers can use the Appy Fleet Manager portal to monitor and manage the behaviour of their workforce behind the wheel, according to chief executive Nick Corrie.

Corrie said: “We’re setting out to radically alter the way that telematics works for business users.  Appy Fleet is telematics in an app, designed for anyone who drives for business from individuals to fleets. The app improves how employees drive for free, for good.”

“The data insights we discover through the app will be hugely beneficial to businesses,” said Corrie, who explained that Trak Global had already tested Appy Fleet’s telematics technology in the motor insurance market via the company’s ‘Better Driver’ app.

“We know we can remove the costs of funding, fitting and supporting a traditional, telematics hardware system in a vehicle, and we also know that our data insights and risk management techniques will improve driver behaviour and bring down the cost of fleet insurance.”

Supporting the initiative, Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe said: “One in three road traffic accidents in the UK involves a vehicle being driven for work purposes. That’s way too many, and above all a needless cost to businesses; companies need to grip this problem. We recommend they take a look at the Driving for Better Business programme to see how other businesses reduce cost and improve efficiency. Using Appy Fleet will certainly assist them to improve.”

Corrie said: “In developing Appy Fleet over the past 12 months we behaved like a start-up, with a mission to disrupt the market by looking at it through a different lens to the existing players. We want to show that UK technology companies can adopt the same visionary thinking as any Silicon Valley success story.”

“Our goal is for Appy Fleet to become the technology platform that allows companies to engage with all their employees on their business driving, making driving at work immediately safer and more efficient. He added: “We want to be to fleet telematics what Uber has been to how we book a taxi.”

Corrie explained that The Appy Fleet Driver App turns each employee’s smartphone into an accurate GPS data-gathering device, which also can be placed into private mode when employees use their vehicles outside work. By tethering the app via Bluetooth to each vehicle they jump in, the system also provides driver ID.

The App is the first product developed through Trak Labs, Trak Global Group’s technology incubator and research facility that has recently opened new offices in Manchester and has received significant investment from Trak Global Group.

Corrie said: “The UK’s road safety record is among the best in the world, and Trak Global has played a part in making UK roads safer during the last few years.  Through Carrot, our young driver brand, we’ve reduced accidents among the UK’s newly qualified drivers by 42%, by placing meaningful driving feedback in their hands via our telematics app and we are confident we can achieve similar results in the global fleet market.”